My Fall Mantle 2014

I didn’t think I would ever get in the groove but Fall decorating is finally happening at our house!

The name of the game this year is simple and cheap (a recurring theme around here) and the most obvious place to start was the new fireplace.

My Fall Mantle 2014 |

I’m proud to report I only spent $6 on this year’s mantle. Everything you see except the cornstalks was in my prop closet (aka the basement bedroom I took over for storing all my pretties). And if I were a patient woman I could have gotten the corn for free from a local farmer but obviously I’m not. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

So first let’s talk about my inspiration. Check out this perfectly simple Pallet Wall Art from Allison over at The Golden Sycamore.

My Fall Mantle 2014 |

I fell in love with it the minute I pinned it and knew I wanted to recreate the same clean, modern-rustic feel for my mantle. I already had the DIY wood backdrop so it was time to start layering some Fall on top of it.

Hanging wall vases and corn stalks. (The vases were a gift from my cousin but the labels say Home Interiors if you’re looking for a set.)

My Fall Mantle 2014 |

A wreath that’s survived years and years of use and a yellow garland for one more pop of color against the dark wood.

My Fall Mantle 2014 |

And letters printed and cut out of cream colored scrapbooking paper.

My Fall Mantle 2014 |

That’s it. Super simple. Super cheap. My kind of project.

My Fall Mantle 2014 |

My Fall Mantle 2014 |

My Fall Mantle 2014 |

My Fall Mantle 2014 |

Are you decorating for Fall? I feel like I’m the last one to start but the good news is I’m really on a roll now. I have a new Fall chalkboard and an updated bookshelf to share next week. And maybe some window boxes too. Until then I’m raising my Pumpkin Spice Latte to you  – cheers!


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  6. Your decorations look loevly. I too don’t like to decorate for Halloween and opt to do the fall thing as well.When we homeschooled years ago we would go apple picking every fall and make apple fritters and apple butter. We also had a local farm that had a petting zoo with hay rides and a cider mill. Apple Cider…definitely a fall must. Love your leaf hunt idea. We woud make leaf rubbings with the pretty ones we found.

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  12. Abi, I just found and LOVE your site! Thanks for sharing. One quick question. How did you attach your cute vases to the boards? I saw a similar thing on your Christmas mantel and couldn’t figure it out there, either! Thanks for any help you can give.

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