Halloween porch and DIY outdoor Halloween decorations.

I’ve spent the last couple weeks sharing all the Halloween goodies in my home – a black and white themed Halloween plate wall, my first chevron stripe on the Halloween mantle, an entry decked out with witch’s potions, and some very happy martini drinking witches. Now it’s time to take a look at what I’ve got going on outside. As usual, most of it is DIY. Some say I’m creative. I’m really just cheap.

outdoor Halloween decorations

A hand-painted monogram & witch’s hat add a little character to this pumpkin topiary.

outdoor Halloween decorations

This DIY witch’s brew is made of spray foam insulation then painted green.

outdoor Halloween decorations

My front porch.

outdoor Halloween decorations

Inexpensive foam tombstones from Michael’s get a little extra paint
and fresh dirt to make a small cemetery in my empty flower bed.

outdoor Halloween decorations

My youngest daughter named this crow Freddy. No idea.

outdoor Halloween decorations

Dead branches, black spray paint, orange lights, and Dollar Store birds.

outdoor Halloween decorations

outdoor Halloween decorations

I had to share this little flag just because I love it.

What’s your favorite outdoor Halloween decoration? Do you go spooky or sweet?


6 thoughts on “Halloween porch and DIY outdoor Halloween decorations.

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  2. Hi, I love the Witch’s brew made with the spray foam insulation. Just wondering, did you have anything in the cauldron to take up space so you could just spray the foam on top? Or did you just fill the cauldron right up with it?


  3. I’m so loving this idea, and I think I have the next level. On the night of, crack open a glownstick and pour over the “brew”. Then, under the rocks put a red constant light and strobe light to simulate the fire. Truthfully I will have to try this and I’ll try to post very soon. >=)

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