Five Days of Fall: Autumn Entry on a Budget

Welcome to Day Four of “Five Days of Fall”. Instead of my usual one post this week I’m writing five, each with a different fall-themed idea. Nothing fancy, just some simple, inexpensive ways I cozy things up around here when the leaves start to turn.

Today I’m sharing my itty, bitty, teeny, tiny Autumn Entry. The only thing smaller than this space is my budget for decorating it so I had to get creative.

Five Days of Fall: Autumn Entry on a Budget |

In the end I only spent $2.50 for that little white pumpkin. Everything else I found around the house. (Are you noticing a theme in my decorating style? Maybe I should rename the blog “”)

Five Days of Fall: Autumn Entry on a Budget |

For example, that orange and white chevron? That’s actually a scarf I pillaged from my closet. And the driftwood branch? It used to be in our lizard tank. Oh and my favorite part is the photo. We took it when Baby Girl was in kindergarten and we were making an alphabet book together – A is for acorn. I love seeing her pudgy little fingers and remembering how much fun we had walking the neighborhood searching for things that started with the letter A.

Five Days of Fall: Autumn Entry on a Budget |

The pedestal is actually a thrift shop wine glass and platter that I glued together. It floats from room to room depending on what random thing I decide to use it for. I topped it with a few fake leaves for more color, added my splurge of a pumpkin, and called it done.

Five Days of Fall: Autumn Entry on a Budget |

Five Days of Fall: Autumn Entry on a Budget |

Five Days of Fall: Autumn Entry on a Budget |

Simple but sweet. And cheap. Can’t ask for more than that.

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A year of chalkboards

The chalkboard in our entry is one of my favorite things to doodle and decorate. Sometimes I’m inspired by a holiday. Other times by the crazy people living in my house. These are some of my ideas from the past year and a link to the Pinterest board where I keep my lettering inspiration. Enjoy!

Love & laughs,

Christmas chalkboard

Valentine's & Halloween chalkboard

Thanksgiving chalkboard

Awesome & Easter chalkboard

Winter chalkboard

Easy fall decorations

Fall is my favorite time of year. I love the smells, the cool air, and of course, the decorations. I like to keep it simple and incorporate little bits of family. This bookshelf features a photo of my girls in this year’s leaf pile and one of the leaves, too.

easy fall decorations

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Witch’s potion Halloween decorations

My house has a teeny, tiny entry space so decorating is always a challenge. This year I tried something new and I LOVE IT. The best part is I spent $0.00. Check me out.

potion chalkboard

potions bar

wool of bat

potions collage

Here’s a quick breakdown in case you wanna make your own.

1. Chalkboard & table: These are permanent fixtures in the space. They get updated every few weeks, depending on what’s happening around here. (FYI – both items were garage sale finds.) The quote was inspired by Shannon over at Madigan Made
2. Books: Those are real books that I pulled off my shelf and covered in paper. The graphics are just bits of clipart that I found online and pieced together.
3. Jars: The little jars were part of my existing Halloween decorations. The bigger ones were storing various things around the house. I dumped them out and repurposed them for the holiday.
4. Eyeballs: Again, part of my existing decorations. Me and my kids made them from clay several years ago but a friend told me she found eyeballs at the dollar store this year.
5. Jar labels: Free clipart, it’s a beautiful thing. I left some links for you at the end of this post.
6. Fabric: I had an unopened package of cheese cloth in my craft stash. I have no idea why. I soaked it in coffee for an hour or so to give it a little age and voila!
7. Jar contents: The bat wool is pillow stuffing with a few shots of brown spray paint. The eye of newt concentrate is water and neon food coloring. The petrified butterflies are some landscaping materials left over from a summer project.

I think that’s everything. I hope this inspires you to shop your house and try something new and creative this year. Happy Halloween!

Here are the free labels I promised.