H is for Halloween Silhouettes: A-Z Blog Challenge

Forgive the re-post but these witches are one of my favorite projects ever. (You can see the original post here with more instructions and tips.) They hang in the front windows of my house every October. I made them using a roll of black paper and a pattern from Better Homes & Gardens. I won’t lie and tell you it was a quick or easy project but the result was worth the effort.

H is for Halloween witch silhouettes
H is for Halloween witch silhouettes

Tip: After you finish cutting out your martini drinking witches consider laminating them to protect your hard work. You may have to cut them apart to fit through the laminator but don’t panic. Just piece them back together in your window and no one will be able to tell. (I cut the arms off mine and ran them through the laminator¬†at my daughters’ elementary school.)

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